Friday, May 09, 2014

VP8ORK 2011 ebook available, free!

Although I'm not a huge fan of chasing Dxpeditions these days, I still think it's fascinating and magical to travel to a remote part of the planet, set up a radio station and be able to make contacts all over the world.

Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh EY8MM has produced several eBooks based on his photographs from various high profile Dxpeditions which are available for free.

If you are an iPad/iPhone user, simply go to the iBooks store and search for VP8ORK 2011 and you should be able to download and view the book, which makes excellent reading. Nodir has taken some wonderful photographs which really capture what it is like.

It looks like Nodir has published an eBook on the FT5ZM trip to Amsterdam Island, which is available in the Blurb store but I can't see it in the iBooks store just yet. I suspect you can get it onto your iDevice from Blurb, but I haven't tried that yet!

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