Saturday, April 12, 2014

More on FO-29 and VO-52 operation with the V2000 vertical

As I went into the shack this morning, GPREDICT told me that VO-52 was close by, with a nice overhead pass. I decided to see if I could hear myself on CW. Sure enough I found myself and tried a few CQs, although without any replies. I got the hang of tuning my transmit signal to keep the downlink the same place.

A little later FO-29 was due over and I wondered if I might be able to hear anything. The pass was quite quiet, but I did hear my Twitter friend, Berend, PA3ARK on CW. I was able to find my signal and place it reasonably close to Berend's and we had a bit of a sketchy, but valid QSO.

Really pleasing to find that some simple CW satellite operation is viable with just a vertical antenna.

Berend sent a nice photo of the entry of the QSO in his logbook!

Evening update: I caught a late afternoon pass of VO-52 and was hearing myself well enough to have a tune around and was able to answer UT3UX who was calling CQ on CW and work him. I've not found too much CW activity so far. I'm sure I can work some SSB, but with the slightly lower signal levels, CW gives a bit more latitude!

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