Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday morning DSTAR at the henhouse - and an update of the G4KLX software

It seems to have evolved that the time I think of doing some DSTAR operating is when I'm out in the garden on a Sunday morning doing whatever chores are possible or needed (possible relates to the winter weather!). This morning, I popped out to clean out the henhouse for the girls and booted up the Raspberry Pi and DVAP.  Happily it came up straightaway, which isn't always the case and I ventured out.

As usual, there were some nice QSOs to be had; Tom AA8RT in Dallas, talking about the winter storm they'd had last week, Ian VK6SKY who, at the other end of the temperature scale was having a really hot summer with over 40C. Another really nice QSO was with John LA2QAA on Frei Island.

John is kind enough to read this blog (hello John!) and it was interesting to talk to him about some of his satellite experiences, as a control station for Oscar-7 as well as how difficult it is to use the SO-50 satellite from his high latitude.

After I'd finished the nice QSO with John, it just came onto rain, so I finished off freshening the henhouse and ventured in.

I took the opportunity to update the G4KLX ircDDBGateway and DVAPNode software on my Raspberry Pi to the latest versions (20131001 and 20130904 respectively) as it was a little while since I'd done that.


Jason said...

Hi Tim,
I read your article on and then found a link from there to your blog. I'll bookmark this along with some of the others that I watch.
I don't have a DSTAR rig, but I've been thinking of purchasing one. Is the Raspberry Pi a necessity for transmission? Or are you just running DSTAR software on it while connected to a normal radio?
I've been watching some DSTAR radios on ebay and vendor websites, such as the Icom 880 and the 2820H, but I am interested in finding more info about how you are setup to transmit.

Tim said...

Hi Jason,

I use the Raspberry Pi and the DVAP here as there is no local DSTAR node, so it's a very convenient way of using the handheld around the house.

You may well be much closer to a DSTAR repeater, so a DSTAR radio would be all that you need to get started.

Vy 73, Tim

Jason said...

Yes there are DSTAR repeaters around me, but I don't have a DSTAR radio, so I was wondering about this setup to use in its place. I've been wanting a Raspberry Pi anyway, and if I could use that along with the DVAP, maybe I wouldn't need to buy a whole new radio.

Tim said...

Hi Jason,

No, you'd still need a DSTAR radio. Think of the Pi and the DVAP as a mini repeater. There is a blue DSTAR dongle which you can plug into your computer and connect to the network.



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