Sunday, November 03, 2013

QSOs on the SO-50 satellite: Fair weather operating!

The only trouble with my very portable satellite setup, consisting of the UV-5R handheld and the Elk yagi is that if the weather is less clement, the prospect of venturing out to make satellite contacts is somewhat less attractive!

Today was sunny if a little cool and once I'd finished my chores, I decided to see what was happening on SO-50. The first pass was well to the East of me, with plenty of activity but few contacts being made. I was more optimistic about the next pass, which was almost overhead here. I was pleased to work PA4MRS/P with a nice easy contact and scraped a quick one with an S56 station over in JN76. My final pass yielded a very nice contact with ES6DO. Just as the satellite faded, I'm pretty sure I heard a Norwegian station.

Good to make some interesting contacts. I suppose making some satellite contacts when there's snow on the ground will prove my enthusiasm!


Peter said...

I found when I first got started in satellites, it was far easier to get Dad to stand out in the rain with a brolly and the antenna while I sat in the shack sending AX.25 packets at the ISS :-)

Not so sure Julie would be so keen though Tim :D

Pete 2E0SQL

Tim said...

I think you may be correct, Pete!

I did manage a QSO by opening the patio doors back in the summer - standing inside and waving the antenna outside - when it was raining hard.

This may be less acceptable in low temperatures!

73, Tim


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