Saturday, November 09, 2013

Another transatlantic 10m AM QSO

Late in the afternoon today, I decided to drive down to the hamlet of Duxford a mile or so from where we live. There's a nice peaceful part of the River Thames there which I enjoy a walk around.

As I was descending the hill towards the river, I had the Anytone rig running on 29.010MHz AM when I heard a weak 'W0TDH testing'. I dropped my call in and was totally surprised when I got a response.

Tom's in the mountains of North Carolina and we had a nice QSO, despite my comparatively weak signal there. Good ears, Tom - thank you.

After I finished my walk and I returned home, I looked up Tom on - he's got some lovely looking vintage equipment. We swapped emails and Tom said it was a while since he'd heard any mobiles coming through.

AM QSO number 3 and the best DX so far!

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Jason said...

I've been DYING to try this because I always liked AM back when I did the CB thing, years ago. I recently got my Ham License upgraded so I can work some 10M now. I also saw that Anytone rig you are using, but it doesn't appear available here in the states yet


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