Saturday, November 16, 2013

A SOTABeams desk stand - so much better than propping the rig up!

There's never quite enough room in the shack, no matter how much space you are lucky to have! So it is that whatever VHF/UHF rig is in use here, tends to perch on top of the FT1000MP. To prevent scratching, a piece of junk mail had been placed between the two rigs!

However, SOTABeams have a very nice range of desk stands for various rigs, including Baofeng UV-3R, Elecraft and Yaesu FT-817. They're very reasonably priced and rather attractively, have your callsign on the front. Handy for when you forget it!

The rstand is made of good quality plastic and was nicely finished, no rough edges. There's some edging strip provided to use as feet and a backstop which clips into the back of the stand, to prevent the rig falling off the back.

The rig is presented at a good angle and distinctly better than propping it up on a

- pen
- case of jewellers screwdrivers
- book

Another benefit I found was that although the stand is designed for the FT817, I found that the FT8900 fitted nicely too - a little overhang, but the rig is solidly placed on it and won't go anywhere at all.


It's good to read of SOTABeams success. Started by Richard G3CWI with products aimed at lightweight portable operation (SOTA operation, of course!), they have grown and grown and have recently moved to larger premises

Visit the SOTABeams website

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Julian Moss said...

For the FT-817 I don't think uou can beat the Peg Legs made by Palm Paddle. There's a post with picture on my blog somewhere.


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