Saturday, November 02, 2013

A great night's receiving on 472khz WSPR - first North American heard

I set the 472khz WSPR running last night in the middle of the evening, wondering what I might hear. Earlier in th e day, Colin, G6AVK had noted on Twitter that he had heard his first North American of the season on 472KHz the night before. With my untuned aerial I didn't think that such DX was likely to be in my grasp.

However, by the time I went to bed, I was very pleased to discover that I had heard two new (to me) German stations; DC0DX and DK6NI,

When I got up this morning and checked what the system had heard, I was staggered to find several spots of WE2XGR/6 in FN12. My first North American copy on 472khz.

I reiterate that this is all down to the guys at the other end! I am using completely unmodified gear, so with any luck, if you decide to try it, you will do at least as well as me.

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