Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Smartphone SSTV

Yesterday at work, whilst I was waiting for a bit of code to finish running, I was idly looking at some apps on my phone. In particular, I noticed that the icon for my SSTV app had changed.

It's the SSTV app for iPhone/iPad by Black Cat Systems. I got it a while ago thinking about using it to receive SSTV on the 28MHz rig in the car but hadn't really got around to doing much with it.

Looking at the app yesterday I noticed that there was now the facility to take a photo with the iPhone and send it via SSTV. That got me thinking. You know how I'm not one for complicated interfaces! Well, I wondered if there would be any mileage in using a handheld and the iPhone together and just using audio coupling.

It struck me it could be fun, if you were out portable on a hilltop, to send an SSTV picture from the phone, through your handheld, just by holding the speaker of your phone in proximity to the microphone of the handheld.

Though I didn't try it from a hilltop, I did try sending a picture from the iPhone through the Icom E92 (on FM) to the iPad with the Baofeng UV-5R on receive close by. The picture isn't excellent, but it's a reasonable approximation of what was sent!

If you're an Android user, there's DroidSSTV to do the same as SSTV!

See you on SSTV from a hilltop?

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