Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quiet satellite weekend

With the weather being a little better today, in between the chores, I put the Elk log periodic yagi together. SO-50 had just finished its' last pass for about 13 hours, so I decided to get the FT790 out and have a listen for FO-29.

There was a nice overhead pass, so I had a listen around. Signals were pretty good and I heard IZ8IBC, UR3CTB, SP6ASD, SQ9MEH, ON2VHF, EA7AHG, 9A5YY and others. A next pass was much closer to the horizon and the best DX at the start of the pass was UA9CS on CW with a few other closer stations about.

Keen to be QRV on the satellite. I was thinking that over the winter, I might try some 'mobile' with the FT847 and the Elk antenna from a decent spot. Should work fine!

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