Sunday, September 15, 2013

Keeping it fresh

Last night I saw a tweet from Nigel M0CVO saying that he thought that every ham should buy (or build) a new rig every few years. When questioned, he said that he thought that it provided a fresh injection of enthusiasm and perhaps 'freshened' up interest in the hobby.

In an ideal world, I'm sure we'd all like to have the latest rig every year or so, but for all but the lucky few, that's simply not realistic. However, I can see what Nigel means and I think there is something in what he says.

Happily though, it doesn't take a new rig to keep it fresh! I found that it might be as simple as a new piece of software (possibly free!), a new aerial, trying a mode you've not experimented with before. The hobby is so broad, there are always new things to look at.

I found when I didn't read an amateur radio magazine regularly, my interest was diminished - simply because I wasn't reading articles about what other people were doing and thinking, 'Hey, I could do that - that sounds interesting'.

So whilst I couldn't agree that you need an expensive new rig every year or so, keeping trying new things and experimenting - that, after all, is the whole point!


PE4BAS, Bas said...

I absolutely agree. There are so many things in the hobby that will keep you in a learning curve. There is no need for a new radio every few years. Although there are people that find buying a new radio every time is their hobby. Everyone has a own view on the hobby I think, we should respect that. 73, Bas

Unknown said...

I think the more generalised version of the statement about buying a new radio is to try something new. The IC-7100 does so much that it opens up plenty of new bands or modes for most people. So the basic point is sound.


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