Friday, August 16, 2013

Programming the UV-5R to operate with the SO-50 satellite

Julian, G4ILO just asked me a question about how I'd programmed the UV-5R to work through SO-50.

I've set up 6 different memories, just as you would for a repeater, except that in this case, the input and output frequencies are on different bands. For each memory, I have left the transmit frequency as 145.850 (it might be a bit out towards the beginning and end of the pass, but hopefully not too far off). On transmit, I have the CTCSS tone set to 67hz. I have seen documentation that SO-50 likes this, and other people saying it doesn't really matter! I also programmed one memory which is not used for QSOs with a CTCSS tone of 74.4Hz. This can be used to 'wake' the satellite up if the radios have switched off. I've not done this myself yet.

Receive frequencies are 436.805, 436.800, 436.795, 436.790 and 436.785. I also programmed up 436.780, but have not used this one so far.

On the basis that a picture speaks a thousand words, here's a picture from the programming software of what the setup looks like.

I'm sure there are other ways of doing it, but this worked for me. I'm able to switch easily between the memories as the pass progresses and the satellite's transmit frequency drops down the band.


LY2SS said...

Almost QSO today hihi I used uv3r with this antenna
How strong was my signal?

Tim said...

You had a great signal! I was receiving you at S9. I had everything from you, but the satellite faded. No matter, I'm sure we will hear each other again very soon!

Great work with the UV-3R!


G0MJW said...

Very clever. I hadn't realised the memories could be cross band.

Mike G0MJW

Tim said...

Hi Mike - thank you. Not clever, more, I wonder what happens if ?! It looks like it may be possible on the UV-3R too. I don't have the programming software for that rig though.


LY2SS said...

I use Chirp for uploading split frequencies to UV-3R (Mark I).


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