Friday, July 26, 2013

WSJTX v1.1 - JT65A and JT9 in the same package

A week or two ago, Julian G4ILO blogged about a new version of WSJTX that he'd been testing with Joe K1JT (incidentally, great to see that Joe will be at the RSGB's Convention later in the year) that supported both JT65A and JT9 modes. At the time of Julian's blog posting, the program wasn't publically available, but when I checked earlier this week, it was there and available.

The rather nice idea is that if you have a receiver with a filter that's 4khz wide or so, you can place your receiver strategically so that it can receive both JT65A (say around 14.076Mhz) AND JT9 (up around 14.078). You can decide whether you will monitor both modes or just one. And when you double click to reply to someone, the program determines which mode they were on and transmits accordingly.

I downloaded the program yesterday and had it monitoring away happily in rather poor HF conditions.

More great software from K1JT!

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k1qn said...

I've notices some strange behavior with this program. Very nice concept and layout, but sometimes, while transmitting, it'll bounce in and out of transmit mode. Sometimes this will continue beyond the 48 second transmit window. Then latency can jump by 6-10 seconds and I have to restart. Using it with PowerSDR on an XP machine. Anxiously waiting for the next version!!! (See you on 10M JT65 QRP.)


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