Sunday, July 14, 2013

Receiving SO-50 satellite signals on the UV-5R and NA771 antenna

During the week, I noticed that there were some good, overhead SO-50 passes in the evenings. The weather has been so good we have often been out in the garden later on. It's been very simple, therefore to take the UV-5R and the NA771 antenna out into the garden and have a listen for the SO-50 satellite as it passes over.

Results have been good, with a number of stations received, including ES6DO, DG0BBE, DL9ZAD (who almost heard me!) and OM0AD. I am sure it will be possible to make a QSO when the conditions are right.

The FT817 and Elk gives much better results, but of course, the advantage of the UV-5R/NA-771 combo is that it is available very quickly and does not require any setting up!

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