Thursday, July 25, 2013

A 10GHz receiver using an LNBF and an RTLSDR - 10GHz RX for £20 or less?

Laurent F6FVY tweeted the other day a very interesting link, showing that people had used a LNBF designed for broadcast satellite reception and an RTLSDR dongle for 10GHz reception.

There are two good videos and I particularly liked the one from EA5KGD showing his reception of EB5EA's 10GHz signals using the LNBF and the RTLSDR as an IF on around 618MHz.

So, I've ordered a suitable LNBF from the USA, which came in at just over £14 including shipping. If I can get a 10GHz receiver going for just under £20, I'll be happy!

The only puzzle I have at the moment, which I am sure is easily solved, is that the LNBF requires its power to be fed up the coax. I am not sure what arrangement to use for this in conjunction with the RTLSDR. If anyone has seen anything suitable written up, I'd be very grateful! It looks like I need to find a way of feeding the 12V up the coax...

This looks like it would be fun to get going. There's a 10GHz beacon on Cleeve Hill about 40 miles from here. I wonder if I could receive it and potentially look for rainscatter.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tim

This idea looks like an interesting and importantly a cheap way to start on 10Ghz. I rather wonder what other new ways of using the USB tuners people are going to come up with next.

Regarding the bias Tee g4bao has a suitable circuit

that might be suitable.


Kevin G6UCY

G0MJW said...

A T-piece will do as the LNB has so much gain, but you should include a blocking cap. Might as well use a small wire wound inductor.

So a simple thing is to get two square flange sockets and mount them back to back with some bolts so there is a small gap of 3-4mm. In that gap fit a 100pF ceramic capacitor. Wind a small inductor from thin enameled wire (or even just tinned wire) and take that to a 1nF capacitor to ground. Thats the feed. Get it the right way round.

You could also do it properly but with so much gain in the LNB its not necessary.


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