Sunday, June 23, 2013

Updated RTL1090 - more planes on your SDR based virtual radar

A few days ago, I noticed some mention about a new version of the RTL1090 program. This is Windows software which you can run on your PC in conjunction with the RTL-SDR dongles and plot ADS-B transmissions from aircraft. For a bit more detail, please see my earlier blog post

Yesterday evening I downloaded the program and installed it, which was straightforward. My first impression was that I was seeing more aircraft than I had before. With the small antenna provided with the dongle on the desk in front of me, I was seeing aircraft further out than I had done before with the RTL1090 software. Testing again this morning, the same seems true.

As well as seemingly being a bit more sensitive, the new version of the RTL1090 software provides a bit more information in the List view abut messages which have been decoded, which might be useful or interesting (or encouraging) if you have not yet got the link to a plotting program working yet.

It's possible that the plotting of more distant aircraft is due to tropospheric conditions at 1090Mhz, but I suspect not! 

Download the new version of RTL1090 here

The other thing that looks quite interesting is that the team have produced a program to interface with RTL1090 and plot aircraft on a map. It's called Globe-S and can be found here - I haven't yet installed it, but it looks a nice interface.

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Andrew said...

Hi Tim,
If you really want to be impressed with your £10 SDR I would recommend making a simple collinear out of some coax, I have posted details and a video on my blog.


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