Sunday, February 10, 2013

Visiting the Harwell Rally

Time was when I used to attend many of the radio rallies. These days, I generally attend one a year - and it's usually the Harwell Rally - located about 20 minutes drive from home.

Today was the day! And enjoyable it was. No major purchases - just a bit of aerial wire and some back issues of magazines. I did enjoy chatting with Francis, G7CND of GEO - Group for Earth Observation I could easily be tempted to have a go at some of the imaging that the group are doing!

I had a happy hour or two on the Practical Wireless / RadioUser stand, with Rob G3XFD and Tex, G1TEX - chatting to visitors and selling the odd back issue magazine and archive CD.

It was good to see many friends including Graham G4FUJ (who first taught me morse a very long time ago!), Pete 2E0SQL, Rob M0VFC, Paul M3JFM, Mike M0RBD as well of course the Harwell team who put the rally on - great to see Ann G8NVI, Mike G8CUL, Malcolm G8NRP, Bob G0ADH, Mike G0MJW, John G3VPW, Des G3NNG - lots of other smiling faces too.

A great time inspite of some inclement weather!


VE3WDM said...

I too used to attend more rallies but I found that there was more folks trying to unload junk. There was on rally I attended and was looking for some mono band antennas for my car for portable operations. I did come across one seller but he wanted more for each antenna than I could buy new. I told him but it did not seem to matte he was hooked on the price. On this side of the pond the cost to go to a rally is in the ball park of 6-7 dollars at the door. I refuse to pay that to just look at junk.

Peter, M3PHP said...

Hi Tim,

Great catching up with you at the Rally, I had a very enjoyable time looking around.

If you want any help with the GEO stuff let me know! its all up and running in the shack (Eumetcast service) and you can easily do the APT 137MHz stuff using the V-2000 :) not tried it using the RTL sticks but it works on the FCDP+ so I'm guessing it would work just as well.

Pete, 2E0SQL


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