Monday, December 03, 2012

Thank you Ian, MW0IAN

If you're anything like me, then on a cold, wet, grey morning in December then you need something to help you smile. Well, Ian, MW0IAN made me smile this morning.

Ian had read my blog about the KH-6 50MHz handheld and in particular, my lack of a decent antenna for it. Very luckily for me, he got in touch to say that he had a spare antenna and would I like it. I would, I would, I would, please! So, Ian has kindly agreed to post it. I'm really looking forward to trying the antenna out and see if we can eke some better performance out of the KH-6.

In the meantime, and most importantly, Ian has a really interesting blog where he details some of his QRP and SWL projects. Take a look!

Thanks for your kindness, Ian!

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Anonymous said...

There's a couple of us in Lincoln who use 51.51MHz FM for local chats - maybe work you when the band opens up a bit? I have 3 rigs with this capability - VX5-R, FT-857, FT-817.
Have worked Hungary on 6m using 5 watts CW to a 20m loop in the attic - shouldn't work on 6m but it does!!!

73 - Keith G0RQQ


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