Saturday, December 08, 2012

PZTLog - much goodness

After my initial blog about Charlie M0PZT's PZTLog, I have been using it more and more and finding it very enjoyable to use and very good.

Of course I have been finding out more about the program, and Charlie has been busy adding new functionality to the software. The ADIF import now seems pretty robust and I've been able to import my log from Winlog32 into PZTLog.

There's Locator Square listings, so you can see which locators you have worked on various bands - HF as well as the VHF bands - ideal if you enjoy chasing the grid squares on HF JT65A, for example. I like the integrated Grey Line Map display

Being a keen JT65-HF user, I particularly like the ability to display the JT65HF traffic within PZTLog. And best of all, double clicking on a line in the JT65 Traffic window will bring various details into PZTLog, so you don't need to worry about doing a separate ADIF import to bring the QSOs in.

I can't say enough nice things about Charlie's responsiveness to questions and suggestions - updates appear very frequently- fixing issues - or adding new features.

PZTLog has become the default station logging software here at G4VXE - I'm delighted with it! Thanks for all your hard work, Charlie!

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SV1GRN said...

Good evening Tim,
many keen jt65-hf users, use it with JT-Alert pse give it a try.


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