Saturday, December 22, 2012

First steps on 472khz - with an IC706

As you'll have gathered from my earlier post. I hadn't premeditated any 472khz activity, although it will certainly interest me to try and hear something on the band. Googling around quickly, I found some interesting information from DL4YHF that he had used his IC706 as an exciter on the band.

This intrigued me as I have an IC706 Mark 1 which was the same model that Wolfgang mentioned. The IC706 had been tucked away in a cupboard for a little while, so I dragged it out and hooked it up to a dummy load and a power meter. To my surprise and delight, on the lowest power setting I discovered I could get around 2W output on 472khz.

However, what didn't quite add up was that I couldn't hear anything on the FT1000MP that was running in the shack- either the MP is a bit deaf - OR the 706 is not doing quite what I think it is! So I will have to look a bit more carefully!

Have a look at DL4YHF's interesting post here

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SV1GRN said...

Replace the dummy load with a real antenna and please inform us.


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