Saturday, December 22, 2012

5MHz and 472khz NOVs received

Over the last day or so, I'd seen people commenting on Twitter that they'd applied for 5MHz NOVs. I've got a current one and I wasn't sure whether I need to apply for a new one to use the new frequencies. I decided that it was probably just easier to apply for a new NOV and then there is no doubt!

Application for the NOV couldn't be easier! Just head over to the RSGB's NOV page - the only thing that slowed me up was that I didn't know my licence number, so I had to log onto the OFCOM portal (having remembered my password!) to find it out.

On the same page there is the NOV application for the new 472khz band. I decided that, although I don't have any gear for the band at the moment, I might as well apply for an NOV, which I have done and received. And it's already given rise to a bit of experimentation which has been quite interesting. More on that in another post...

The NOVs don't come into force until 1st January 2013, but I am looking forward to seeing what can be done on these bands.

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