Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trying out PZTLog

I follow Charlie M0PZT on Twitter and I'd noticed him mention a logging program that he had written, for himself, but had made available for other people. Although I am very happy with Winlog32 which I use for all my contacts, I have missed a program where I can readily run up PSK31 or RTTY just to see what's going on. Although I have software on my machine to do it, it's not been that convenient.

PZTLog covers the datamodes very nicely, from PSK31 to PSK63 and PSK125 to RTTY. As the software is free, what could be lost by trying it? Nothing at all!

Installation was very simple and interfacing to the radio using the audio interface was very straightforward. I don't use CAT control - so that saves any complication there - although PZTLog is able to control your rig, should you wish. There's DX Cluster too, if you want it. I don't! Lots of other cool features like QSO Maps and so on as well. I've only scratched the surface.

Anyway, I hooked up the rig to the software this evening and tuned to 14.070. To my delight, the software easily copied some PSK-31 and I made a couple of QSOs. I don't think I like PSK-31 as much as JT65A, but it's nice to have the choice.

Thanks Charlie for some great software. You can download PZTLog, or read about it, here.

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