Saturday, November 10, 2012

For the Shefford Club (ISS video details and SDR notes)

Thanks very much for coming along to the 'My World of VHF' talk on Thursday evening. You were a more HF-orientated audience than I sometimes get, which actually made it a lot of fun! Thanks for your kind comments about the presentation and I hope there was at least something of interest to try on VHF/UHF.

I promised a couple of links:

Here is the link to the video of

As far as the SDR links - there's quite a few. Have a look at Richard, G4WFR's notes on getting one the RTL2832U and E4000 sticks going - there's lots of detail at his website

It sounds as if some of the initial batch of sticks is trying up, but the new tuner, the R820T sounds even more adaptable, with some HF coverage being possible too. Have a look at the Nooelec site  Although they are based in the USA, they will ship to the UK and don't sound expensive. I believe they also send a batch file to help you set it all up.

In addition, it looks like the R820T in a Newsky package is available from Cosycave in the UK. Search Newsky R820T on eBay if you want to give it a go

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Gary M0PLT said...

Thank you for the enlightening talk on VHF and pointing out the cheap SDR radios. I shall be trying one soon!


Gary M0PLT


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