Sunday, August 19, 2012

UV-5R programming again - and USB drivers!

Last weekend I decided I wanted to put four or five new frequencies into the memories in the UV-5R. No drama - I got out the USB lead, plugged into the laptop and was about to start the programming software, when I noticed that the driver hadn't started properly - no Com port available!

Odd - it was fine last time I used it. So I tried reinstalling using the installer. No luck. Tried another version of the installer, no. Tried a generic driver. No. Then I remembered there was something funny about having to manually install ser2pl.sys. No.

After all this about an hour had passed and I only wanted to program about 6 simplex frequencies in. My patience was exhausted and I decided to program it manually.

This weekend I found the original install CD for the programming lead and I thought - great, I can definitely make it work now. Plugged the lead in, ready to set up the drivers and...

Yes, you've guessed it, it worked straight away without me having to reinstall or do anything. Why? I have no idea.....


PE4BAS, Bas said...

I already have a headache programming the UV-5R. Not only much problems to install drivers but also the software is not working that good. I finally got it working for a friend and old him to have good luck with it. I'll keep it at my good old UV-3R. 73, Bas

Tim said...

Hi Bas,

Yes the software is a bit quirky but once you are used to it, seems ok! I haven't tried it but G0LFP told me that the CHIRP program works with the UV-5R. Might be an alternative?



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