Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remote control JT65 QSOs with my iPad and iPhone and the LogmeIn client

Recovering from a heavy cold and cough yesterday and because there was apparently nothing doing on 50MHz, I thought it was about time I got the HF JT65A gear going again, which I did and made some
enjoyable QSOs on 14MHz.

I'd wondered from time to time about making remote control QSOs. I use the Logmein client to control my PC if I'm out and about and just recently, I'd noticed that their iPad/iPhone client was free for the basic service. Since for datamodes, I didn't need anything more than screen control - no need to 'pipe' audio, this should work just fine.

So last night, I sat on the sofa downstairs, with my iPad and tried to control the PC running JT65-HF. It seemed to work just fine. It felt odd calling someone without being in front of the radio and being able to tweak the power/alc settings and of course to be able to hear signals! However, I made the leap of faith and R2DX was my first ever remote control QSO. I followed on with AB1J and a German station.

I also have the Logmein client on my iPhone, so this lunchtime, I tried the same type of experiments across the Internet from the office. Although broadly successful, there was too much latency, and though I could see signals being decoded and press the appropriate buttons - the timing didn't always work out correctly. Apologies to Harald DL8ZBA who must have wondered what was happening when I calleed him!

Nevertheless, this looks quite promising, particularly around the house and perhaps further afield when there is a good network connection.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Tim, nice read. I already do remote control my radio like this for a few years. I tried several remote desktop providers like logmein. At the moment I prefer teamviewer. I even do RTTY/CW and PSK contests on remote like this. The only thing that concerns me sometimes is that you cannot have a immidiate eye on your SWR when TXing. So if you don't use a autotuner a bandswitch on remote can be dangerous for the equipment. 73, Bas

Tim said...

Hi Bas,

Very interesting and I have heard good things about TeamViewer. I will give it a go!

I particularly wondered whether I could use WSJT from work on 50/144MHz!

Locally on the WLAN performance is great - but just a bit slow for JT65 across the Internet.

I will keep playing! Another 5 QSOs this evening from the iPad!


Julian Moss said...

I have done similar to that using Remote Desktop which comes with Windows. There is even a third party Remote Desktop client for Android tablets and smartphones.

The Elecraft rigs are ideal for this because you can set the desired output power and the rig maintains the drive at that level. So no need to tweak the controls.

Julian, G4ILO

Jonathan Jenkins said...

I like Teamviewer as well - I use it for remote tech support, but having read your post, I shall think about some radio applications.....

best wishes,

Jon G4LJW.

VE3WDM said...

Good evening Tim, I have a KX3 coming I hope soon and this sounds like a great idea to run with my wife's Ipad.


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