Sunday, July 15, 2012

My first auroral QSOs in about 15 years

For one reason or another, I've not heard an aurora for ages! Being in the south of the country with fairly little aerials means that it's not a particularly productive propagation mode for me. However, if a big one comes along and I hear something....

Like this afternoon! I knew there was an aurora going on - but hadn't really worried about it much. I tuned across 144MHz and to my surprise there were some auroral signals. GM4BYF was loudest and I was delighted to work him. Other G stations were heard tone-A including G0CUZ, G7RAU and G3LTF none of whom are very far from me! Missed Clive GM4VVX who it would have been nice to work. GM0HTT on Orkney was a decent signal on SSB, but had quite a pileip, so I didn't get involved.

I heard GM3WUX weakly on 50MHz also, but he didn't come back to a couple of calls. An hour or two later, I tuned across 50MHz and found PA2M calling CQ with an Auroral tone. Despite my little signal from the vertical - not ideal for an Auroral QSO - we completed the QSO. Good ears, Frank - thank you!

I wonder if the Aurora will be visible this evening.


VE3WDM said...

I would imagine it was the result of the X class flare that happened last week. There was a CME from that flare that contacted the earth over the weekend.
Good to hear you were able to get some contacts with it...oh and was there any visible Aurora last evening??

Julian Moss said...

Didn't see the aurora last night - cloudy as usual. Didn't hear any auroral signals either - on the wrong band in the wrong mode. Glad you made some good contacts.

Tim said...

Hi both - thanks. Cloudy here but I gather visible aurora was seen as far south as Essex!

Had an email from someone who'd worked a 50MHz QSO using 50w to his 40m dipole! I love hearing about contacts like that!



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