Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Palstar KH-6 50MHz handheld

I was browsing around the Ham Radio section of e-Bay the other evening when I came across a Palstar KH-6 going for a modest price. I knew a little about them, having heard that some SOTA participants had used them for activations on 50MHz.

The auction was just ending so I popped in a last minute bid to see what would happen. To my surprise, I won!

The rig arrived yesterday. It seems to work ok and I have done the obligatory across the shack test. Transmitted audio sounded good on the FT847. I put the rig on the external collinear and perhaps not surprisingly the receiver overloaded. However, I could hear the GB3RAL beacon on 50.050.

The challenge, as I have found before is how well such a short aerial will do. However, I'm hoping for some local contacts and perhaps some more distant ones from the top of White Horse Hill or similar summits.


Alex Hill said...


I built a version of the g3jvl 50Mhz vertical specifically for summer SOTA / WOTA activations (The orginal design is here -

I've not used it in anger yet but it might be worth sondiering as a wire only version is very light. My cobbled together version is here ( if you fancied taking a look.


Alex, g7kse

Julian Moss said...

Nice find, Tim! Roll on the sporadic-E!

Tim said...

Julian, I did think of you! I suspect we both have a fascination for handheld radios.

Alex, thanks! That looks an excellent version of Mike's design. How have you got on with it?

Alex Hill said...

I'm sad to say Tim that its not been out in anger yet. I'll be using it during the Es season at the home qth and will hopefully be using it in the fells when the chance of a qso is better


Julian Moss said...

Hi Tim. Yes, I've got more handies than the xyl has pairs of shoes! 6m is the one band I don't have one for at the moment.


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