Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How many handhelds is too many?

Julian, G4ILO once confessed to being fond of handheld radios. I'm the same! There's something magic about having a bit of handheld radio kit which can make interesting radio contacts, in some cases around the globe.

When the postman delivered another handheld last week, Julie said, completely in fun, 'you've got quite a few of those now'. And she's right. Let's see:

- Icom E92 144/432MHz FM/D-STAR
- Yaesu FT-817 1.8-432MHz All Modes (I sort of don't *really* class this as a handheld, but technically....)
- Baofeng UV-3R 144/432MHz FM micro transceiver
- Yaesu VX-1 144/432MHz FM micro transceiver (battery not very well!)
- Baofeng UV-5R 144/432MHz FM
- Palstar KH-6 50MHz FM

All except the E-92  and FT-817 have been acquired at quite modest prices over the years, so there's not an expense thing really.

The trouble is, that strictly speaking, there are a couple more I wouldn't mind. Something like a Yaesu VX-8GR with APRS/GPS capability built in. That would be fun. And then there's the Alinco DJ-G7 which does 144/432 and 1296MHz. I'd really like to try 1296MHz! By the way, check out Rob, MW0DNK's review of the DJ-G7 on his very interesting new blog.

Maybe some consolidation would be good - but they all do different things.Honest!


MW0DNK said...

I confess to the same weakness and am comforted by not being alone. My haul includes two marine radios as well as three or four amateur radios. How indulgent was having TWO E92D's ?

One had to go....

Alex Hill said...

I can recommend the Yaesu VX8-GR if you needed any more encouragement. I got mine to replace a VX-3 and it gets used more than my other rigs. The GPS is a bit slow to get a fix but the APRS function will add a great 'new' aspect to your collection.

You also clearly need a 4m one too otherwise there'll be a gap ;-)

Alex, g7kse

Tim said...

Thanks Alex!

Actually, I did have a 4m one. I made about 1 QSO on it in 12 months, so I felt it wasn't earning its' keep.

Though one of the Wouxun 70/144MHz ones would be easier to justify :-)

Yes, that APRS thing is nagging away....As is 23cms....!!

g4fre said...

Still using our VX1Rs that we bought the year they were launched. The batteries have had to be replaced once. Only recent issue was that the Yaesu 3.5" disc with the programming software is no longer readable but searching the web revealed alternative software


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