Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Why is my Anytone AT-5555 screaming at me?

This evening as I was driving home, I noticed a loud station on 28.475 running a pileup of mostly Spanish stations. Although my Spanish is sadly very poor, it is good enough for me to realise it was PP5BS. I haven't worked Brazil yet from the mobile, so I wanted to have a go.

I pressed to transmit and there was a loud whistle. Initially I thought it was feedback or that I was in PA mode, but no. Pressed again and it was fine. Intrigued now, I moved off frequency and kept going over to transmit to see if it would do it again. Once every few it would, but I couldn't fathom out why.

When I got close to home, I stopped to try and find out more. Associated with the 'scream' I could now see that the display said something that looked like '5 H 1'.

Great! Back home now, let's see if I can find a list of Anytone AT-5555 status codes on the web. Um, not really. Back to the manual. Then I found that in the menus there is SWR protection. If turned on, it threatens to give a voice alert and switch off the transmitter. Of course, I had switched off voice alerts, so it was giving me a warning tone. And the display? Really, it was showing S HI which probably translates to SWR HI!

Now it makes some sense. When I mounted the transceiver, the PL259 for the antenna lead seemed a bit close to the floor, but I didn't worry. I think the car was bumping on bits of road and a poor connection occurring.

I've now sorted that out, so I'm hopeful my rig will stop screaming at me!


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Lucky you had SWR protection. Most "CB" radios don't have one. Missing a DX is always better as a blown final. 73, Bas

Tim said...

Hi Bas,

Oh it was only a transient?!!



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