Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another rig for (almost) £30 - the Baofeng UV-3R plus

A few days ago, I was chatting to a friend on the repeater about the Baofeng UV-3R and what a useful radio it was. He was interested in getting one, but explained he didn't use eBay. Rather than have him pay £50 in the UK, I said I would order him one.

It arrived today. I had ordered a UV-3R Plus, rather than my Mark 1 model. What are the differences?

The Plus has dual band display. In practice, I don't think this is a big deal.

The Plus came with a dual band antenna rather than two mono band antennas

The Plus comes with a drop in charger. The charger tray can be powered from the USB style charger that comes with the rig, although I plugged the lead to an iPhone charger.

Although it is entirely adequate, I feel the build quality on the Plus is not quite as good as the Mark 1. What do I expect for £32.90?

Although I have not had any QSOs - it is my friend's rig, after all, performance of the rig seems as good as the Mark 1. I was able to blip up GB3TD and GB3UK from inside the house.

The Plus came with two earpiece/ microphones - the standard one and an added bonus.

I hope my friend will be pleased with it!


Julian Moss said...

I'm surprised you find the Plus less well built than the original, Tim. I got one a few days ago and to me the UV-3R+ definitely felt more rugged on a par with a Wouxun or the smaller Yaesu VXs. They are certainly fantastic value though!

Tim said...

Hi Julian. Perhaps it's just this one. The frequency change control didn't feel quite so positive.

Certainly not a major problem.

Anonymous said...

The plus not as well built as the MkI .. Sorry but I totally disagree, plus mkIII is much better built than the mkI

Tim said...

Don't feel you need to apologise for disagreeing, but thank you :-)

As I said to Julian, I suspect it was an issue with the individual unit. The tuning control on the Mk III I used was sloppy compared to my Mk I.

I'm pleased it's not a general issue and it certainly wouldn't stop me recommending them!



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