Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UK amateurs can now apply for special callsigns for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics

I've just applied for the Notice of Variation to allow me to change my callsign during the period of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee where it will become GQ4VXE and then during the Olympics when it will become GO4VXE

Should be fun!

The process is simple. As long as you have your OFCOM Lifetime Licence Number! I didn't and had to scrabble around on the OFCOM site to get that. Once I had it, I had the online forms filled in and the NOVs in the form of PDF documents emailled back to me immediately.

You can apply here

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jeff said...

Nice! I operated as n100kdo during the Centennial Olympic Games, I had many people call me a pirate, "There's no such call as en-one-hundred-kay-dee-oh". Others got a QSL card.

Will you make special QSLs for those contacts?



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