Friday, January 06, 2012

What I love about PSK Reporter and the RBN Network

This morning, because I had to pop into the garage on the way to the station, I left the house a little later than normal on a work day. To fill the time (!), I popped onto 3.5MHz JT65 at greyline - just as the sun was rising. To my slight disappointment, although I heard several stations, I didn't make any contacts.

However, this evening, I checked the PSK Reporter website to see where I was heard. I was delighted that although I didn't make any contacts, my 25W JT65A signal was getting quite a long way into the USA

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KL8DX said...

I also enjoy doing the same. I leave the station run and see who can either hear me or see where I'm hearing. These sites are great and they are such a useful resource for checking propagation. Unlike the DX webclusters, this tells you what YOU'RE It has helped me make contacts for several of my awards by knowing when to be on a certain band. I thankful for those who support sites like these.


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