Monday, October 24, 2011

The return of 10m FM

Well, of course it never really went away. Over the last few weeks and days, I've hearing people talking about what they've been working on 10m FM. Occasionally when I've been in the shack I've put the rig on 29.600MHz FM and have heard a good few stations coming through. Many people have reported making QSOs through a US repeater (New York?) on 29.620MHz. This evening, coming home, I drove outside the car park, under the low barrier and put the Comet UHV-6 antenna on the car ( it's too tall to fit under the barrier). As I drove home, I tuned around 10m FM. Fascinating! The most distant station was, and I think I have the call correct, was KF7EZ/M in 7 land! He was looking for a friend of his in the US 4 call area! I tried to call him and let him know he was being heard in the UK. Also heard VA3QRM, a W2 in New Jersey and W5AF (I think- I wasn't writing calls down!). Not entirely sure how well the UHV-6 works on 10m FM. Fascinating listening and I'll repeat the exercise tomorrow. Hopefully I will make a QSO before long. And in the meantime, I must remember to take the big antenna off the car before I head in tomorrow morning!


Hans PD0AC said...

Yes, isn't it great? The repeater on 29.620 is indeed located in NYC, callsign is KQ2H.

If you switch over to AM, you will hear quite few stations, too. 29.060 seems to be a calling frequency (not confirmed).

Best regards,

Hans PD0AC

ww2r said...

t32c was workable on 10fm for hours saturday afternoon into the same time as a station near derby!

John said...

Hello, Indeed, recieving on a realistic snanner with his own antenna, look:

Regards, John

Anonymous said...

Hello there fellow HAMS.
I have never listened to 10FM and I am normally working SSB ON 10M.Surprisingly with the solar conditions improving this year was playing on my radio and changed the mode to FM and I was amazed to listen to a station to a QSO between a station in Greece in QSO with a station in USA on 29.60? It was copying both stations on 59+?
I was thrilled since this the first time for me to hear FM on 10 M.I thought it was not possible.
However , tried to call the station on Greece , he was able to hear me , but could not confirm my contact .He replied back (BAD MODULATION)?
I could not understand the reason for that. I was pushing 95 Watts of power through my audio system and my Antenna is 7 Element Yagi Tribander and normally my signals are very loud in NA and Europe.
I shall consult your technical experience in the type of Antenna I have used? Is it is suitable for 10M FM Transmission?
Do I have to do some special settings for the 10 FM or AM transmissions. Please advise.
Best Regards

Tim said...

Hi! Well it would be great to work HZ1SM on 10m FM.

Your gear should be just fine. It's best to turn off or at least turn down any compression you may normally use for SSB.

Propagation can sometimes cause phase distortion which can make audio distorted, so it may be nothing to do with your station.

This morning I worked SV2MAP and UR7ICJ as I was driving my car to the local shop.

Vy 73, Tim


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