Sunday, October 02, 2011

New version of WinDV available

I was playing with my DVAP and the Icom E92 earlier in the day and I wondered if there was a new version of the WinDV software available. I'd previously been running 1.1.3 successfully. I checked over at and sure enough there was! Version 1.3 was there. As before, installation was very straightforward. First impression was of the changed user interface, with a light blue background and and more rounded controls. The program works well. I quickly hooked up to the K6MDD repeater in San Francisco and had a nice QSO with Darryl, WA6YTD. Darryl confirmed the audio was good and that the program was doing everything it needed to. I enjoyed the option that if the station you are working or hearing is sending a lat/lon, then that is shown in terms of a Google Maps link that you can click on and see the position of the station. Easy to do, but enjoyable to use.

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Julian Moss said...

But surely the point of the DVAP is that you are not sat in front of the computer. It would be cool if it showed the location on your radio. Does DPRS work through the DVAP?


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