Sunday, September 25, 2011

When did 28 MHz get good?

I noticed a few tweets this afternoon about 28MHz being good. It wasn't until just now that I listened on the little Anytone rig. Sure enough there was some SSB coming through and some good signals on CW too. Now, so far I haven't connected up a keyed to the Anytone. Somehow it didn't seem right to hear conditions like that and not try to make a QSO or two. I quickly diverted the coax from the Anytone to the HF port on the FT847, my VHF rig which has a built in keyer. Despite being after 1930z there was still plenty coming in. Some quite big pileups as I suspect a lot of people, like me, wanted to get on and make some contacts. KG9N was first in the log. YV8AD next and then the band started to fade. But one last spin up the band and there was NE0X finishing off a QSO. Very happy to work Ron for the best DX of the day. Good to hear 28MHz in such great shape.


VE3WDM said...

Yes 10 meters is doing great on this side of the pond today. I have been reading of 10 meter opening but have not heard any until today. I was able to work EA5HPX with just one watt. That gets me 4024 miles per watt.

Tim said...

Congratulations on 4024 miles per watt! I was just reading G3XBM's blog and he got some great results on WSPR over the weekend on 28MHz.

I quite regularly hear South America in the evenings but the opening yesterday was really excellent! Hope you find lots more openings.

w4kaz said...

Its been interesting. At the end of July both 10m and 15m were dead (South Core Banks in North Carolina) during the RSGB IOTA contest.

A few minor openings since then.

Then sometime last week the sun did its thing with the atmosphere and wham. High bands are back, sometimes into the wee hours of the night. 10m openings to somewhere, unpredictable but frequent. 15m sounded better than it has for six or seven years. Lots of spots every day on 12m.

A very welcome improvement in HF conditions.


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