Wednesday, September 07, 2011

MMVARI - a skimmer for RTTY

I enjoyed a drink and a meal with Justin, G4TSH on Monday evening. One of the things we talked about was some software called MMVARI. This software to decode RTTY has the ability to decode a number of streams. Ideal if you're running a pileup from a DXpedition. Or, for those of us at home, to have a display of RTTY activity across a portion of the band.

You can see it in action from CE0Y/I2DMI in this video

From some quick googling around it looks like the software can be integrated into the N1MM contest logging software for RTTY contesting. I know one DXpedition group who are planning to use it too...

Haven't downloaded this and tried it out myself, but it definitely looks of interest.


Peter, M3PHP said...

Even I didn't know MMVari supported this think I'll be trying it out later on today :D

Would certainly give you the edge in a contest.

Anonymous said...

If you search for "RTTY skimmer" on youtube there appears to be something that looks like a "skimmer" for RTTY. The video is a little blurry, but I think that's what's going on. There's also been a "R1TTY-#" station on the reverse beacon network that has been spotting RTTY stations from time to time over the last month. I wonder if that is the same thing?


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