Sunday, July 31, 2011

VHF simplex QSOs

When I'm out and about mobile, I generally have at least one VFO scanning about 40 channels on 2m and 70cm. The 2m FM calling frequency (145.500) is one. But generally, I seem to end up making QSOs via the repeaters. This works well and I have lots of fun and interesting contacts.

This weekend I decided to leave one of the VFOs on 145.500 and make lots of CQ calls! It yielded a couple of decent contacts. Yesterday, from one of the lanes around the village, I worked a SOTA station M0TUB/P on the summit of Cleeve Hill near Cheltenham. And today, when I was driving back from Mum's near Cheltenham, I had an excellent QSO with Giles G0NXA across the town and up and over the Cotswold escarpment. I wonder if a few CQs on 145.500 on the daily commute will bear any fruit?


Tim said...

So far the best simplex QSO has been with James, 2E0OUT/A near Malmesbury as I was driving into Oxford. Probably a distance of 30 miles or so over difficult terrain.

Also worked Andy G0BEQ/M when he was on the M4 near Membury as I was coming out onto the A420 near home. Perhaps 25 miles or so over a very hilly path.

Richard G3CWI said...

Having relatively recently got back on 2m mobile I have found it most enjoyable. Up here in IO83 there is always someone to speak to but despite that the repeaters are quite quiet for much of the time.

Echolink is also good fun and I have made a few friends in the US who I enjoy chatting to while I'm mobile.




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