Monday, June 27, 2011

The G4VXE blog is five years old

I've just noticed that my first posting to this blog was on the 24 June 2006 - making the blog five years old.

What I have enjoyed about it is that I can write about anything that interests me in Amateur Radio be it a passing interest-du-jour or something more long standing.

It always fascinates me which posts get the most visits. The ones about setting up D-STAR have been popular - which I was pleased about. I was less pleased that a rare comment on RSGB politics was the best read post of all time on the blog! Why was I less pleased? Because this blog has always been about getting on and trying 'stuff' in Amateur Radio out - not paperwork and politics! So I guess if someone wants to write a blog on Amateur Radio politics, you'll get great readership. But I won't be writing it!

Thank you for reading the blog - if you've been reading since 2006 then my commiserations - but thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Propagation has been great on 10M, with all the solar activity, and the SFI up to 190 now. Getting propagation across the pole, into Europe. more info here:
thanks, es 73, Theron


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