Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Time to start thinking about 50MHz again

Over the winter, I confess my 50MHz mobile activity has been confined to a few QSOs here and there through the different 50MHz repeaters that I can hear (GB3FX, GB3ZY and now GB3GT). The mobile rig scans 51.510, the FM calling channel, but nothing has been heard on there for some months, at least when I've been around!

However, as we move into April, thoughts turn to the Es season which will shortly, we hope be starting up, perhaps towards the end of the month in earnest, building towards a peak during June.

For the last few evenings, as I've been driving home, I've been calling CQ on 51.510 in the hope of raising someone. It will be intriguing to see what mobile coverage is like, compared to 70MHz or 144MHz. And I can't wait to hear distant stations coming through again! One year, I remember an EA4 mobile station was very active.

If anyone within 50-70 miles of me reads this and is around in the early evenings 17:15 to 17:45z or so, please have a listen! Ken, G0PPM near Stroud in Gloucestershire is trying out 50MHz mobile too - so listen out for him.

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Peter, M3PHP said...

I'll try having a listen tomorrow Tim on the 80m windom, should think I can hear you from central Oxford.

I've got a 2el Diamond 6m beam to go up, might convince Dad to give me a hand at the weekend :)

73, Pete, 2E0SQL


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