Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend activities

On Friday afternoon, I drove over to Broadway Tower Country Park to meet with Dave G4FRE (WW2R) who is in the country for a few days. It was great to see Dave and chat about all sorts of different radio from LF to Microwaves. Dave's an inspiring guy and I always come away with some project in mind! Recently Dave's been playing some QRSS using his N4FRE call which has proven quite interesting.

Dave also has been trying out one of the Down East Microwave transverters for 70MHz which look interesting (as do the ones for the other bands) and he mentioned that he'd heard an ON station on 70MHz from his Malvern QTH. We talked about EME on bands from 144MHz to 2.3GHz. A very pleasant afternoon sitting in the sun on the hillside, eating ice-cream!

It was interesting listening on the handheld and from the car from Broadway - it's a good location and I heard lots of stations and repeaters I wouldn't normally here from home. The new GB3GT 50MHz repeater on Clee Hill was S7 from the mobile and I listened to some interesting QSOs on the GB3TF 433MHz repeater.

For my birthday, amongst other things, Julie gave me a handlebar bag for my bike. Conveniently, an FT817 and paddle fits in easy, as well as the trusty IC-E92D handheld. This morning I cycled up to Windmill Hill, a couple of miles from here which has an excellent take off in most directions although isn't actually very much higher than home.

Most of my listening was on 28MHz using the FT817 and ATX-Walkabout antenna

The band wasn't wide open, but I heard XU7ACY from Cambodia, an Indian station as well as some Europeans on CW with 5B4AIX on SSB. Didn't work anyone but it was most enjoyable. Before leaving the hill, I worked Rob, G4XUT on the GB3TD 433MHz repeater.

This afternoon I was excited to work my first Sporadic E QSOs of the season on 50MHz, with QSOs with EA7HG and EA7/G1WUU both in IM87. Also tried some CQs on 70.200MHz, but no luck so far.

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VE3WDM said...

Nice to see the Palm paddle I have the same unit and over the weekend have been using it with my KX1. I am very impressed how smooth it is.


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