Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tracking the ISS

Perhaps like me, you enjoy watching the International Space Station pass overhead. It's wonderful to see - a testament to humankind's ingenuity. If you look carefully, even with the naked eye you can discern the shape of the massive solar panels that look like 'wings' on the side of the spacecraft.

As radio amateurs, we can listen for radio operation from space. Voice contacts have been heard over the last few days, so you may want to listen on 145.800MHz when the spacecraft is in range.

When is it in range? I just noticed this handy Google 'Gadget' which shows when the ISS is passing over a particular area!


Steve GW7AAV said...

Great gadget if it did not take 6 minutes for your page to load because of it. ;0)

Tim said...

Hi Steve!

Oh no! It's not that slow here - in fact it doesn't make any significant difference to the page load. But I'll keep an eye over the weekend and if it's a pain, I'll move it off to another page!

Thanks for letting me know.



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