Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monitoring the Graves transmitter (143.049) using the Easygram software

Since I discovered the Graves transmitter on 143.049 a week or so ago, I have been listening quite a lot. There are plenty of meteor reflections to listen to and it's also interesting to note that there are some weak but steady signals audible in addition to the meteor reflections. My guess is that these are reflections from aircraft - after all there are plenty in the air between here and Dijon.

Today, I installed the Easygram software on my laptop. I have used this software previously for beacon monitoring and other analysis. I quickly configured up the software and was able to see consistent traces from the transmitter. I can't see any evidence of Doppler shift on the 'steady, constant' signal, which I would expect to see if an aircraft was involved - so perhaps it is tropo after all (Having said all of that, I am listening to the transmitter whilst writing this, and I can distinctly hear aircraft scatter on it!).

Here's an example of an image from Easygram which shows a meteor ping from the transmitter. If you look closely at the image, there is a faint trace line towards the centre of the screen - this is the weak, steady signal, probably the tropo signal from the transmitter.

Here is the location of the transmitter shown on Google Maps

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