Thursday, January 06, 2011

Interesting Meteor Scatter article - Geminids 2010

Through a link on the Southgate Amateur Radio blog, I found an interesting article written by Dr David Knight of the Norman Lockyer Observatory radio club at Sidmouth. The article details experiments that David performed during the Geminids meteor shower in December 2010 on a frequency close to 144MHz.

David monitors a high-power transmitter close to the Alps on 143.049.

I'm very interested to read about this transmitter and of David's experiments. It sounds as if the transmitter he uses could be a useful propagation monitor for me. I'll have a listen and see what can be heard in 'flat conditions'.

Have a read of David's paper here

One trace is annotated with a suggestion that the reflected signal is from a satellite in low earth orbit. I was intrigued by this. I've heard many reflections from meteors and of course aircraft. I wonder if a satellite or the ISS could reflect sufficient signal?

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