Monday, December 27, 2010

What Santa brought to me - a Pentaflex PSU

Santa was, as usual, very generous in his, er, deposits here. There were no specific amateur radio themed gifts this year, as I am well provisioned in that department! I did, however, have a couple of things for my astronomical telescope.

One of these was a Pentaflex 'Mobile Power Station'. This looks like a giant torch, but is in fact, a great big rechargeable battery. The idea was to use this for my telescope which otherwise uses a gazillion AA batteries to guide the tube onto the correct target and it can go through them pretty quickly! I've got more crafty and thrifty about moving the telescope around, but I realised that the PSU for the scope would be a good idea.

Of course, the unit will not just power a telescope! It will be absolutely ideal for powering an FT817 or similar on holiday. It's relatively portable, though quite heavy - so I don't think it's the answer to carting up a mountain for SOTA or similar activities - but definitely a great answer to having plenty of 12v readily available.

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