Sunday, December 05, 2010

Back on 70MHz FM

With the Es season just a distant memory, I've moved the 70MHz antenna from the FT847 onto the 70MHz FM rig, which is a converted Philips FM1000 PMR set. It seems to be working, though there are no QSOs to report just yet. I can hear the MB7UW packet node on 70.4875 some miles away and the GB3RAL beacon on 70.050 is loud! Test transmissions from the Wouxun handheld within the shack are loud too. So, hopefully there will be a QSO before long.

There's a net in Swindon on a Friday night now, 2000z, run by John, G4SRE - starting off on 70.450 and moving to 70.475 - so should be able to work some of those guys, and there's also some activity from Reading on, I think, a Tuesday night.

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