Monday, November 22, 2010

VHF/UHF QSOs of the week

Continuing my idea of plotting up what I hear on VHF/UHF from the car, here's the map from last week. Nice to get back on GB3FX (Farnham 50MHz) for a couple of QSOs with Roger, G4HZA who I used to work often in the mornings. I was also pleased to work M1ELK/M on Beacon Hill near Newbury on 145MHz simplex (those simplex contacts are gold-dust) and interested to hear a mobile on the hills near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, which is a good haul from here

View Heard this week 19/11 in a larger map

Not shown on the map are D-STAR QSOs made from home, of course. But I had a particularly enjoyable QSO on Wednesday evening with Keith, WD8AFB in Orlando. I've spoken to Keith a couple of times before and we share an interest in low power HF portable operating which it's always fun to talk about. Keith had just got an FT817 and was trying to find the optimum antenna to use from hotel rooms when he's out on the road.

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