Thursday, November 04, 2010

VHF Tropo forecasting using William Hepburn's tropo pages

About a week or so, I got an e-mail from Matty, MD0MAN drawing my attention to some propagation forecasting websites. One that I hadn't come across before, though somewhere at the back of my mind, I think I've heard it mentioned, is William Hepburn's Tropospheric Ducting Forecast site.

The site allows you to select the area of the globe that you're in - so in my case, I selected the North West Europe page but if you're in North America, this is your map

But how well does it work? After Matty's e-mail, I looked at the maps for the UK and NW Europe last weekend and could see that there would be a chance of some tropo to the South West towards the end of this week, from Thursday onwards.

Driving to the station this morning, with one VFO going on 145.650, there was another repeater just breaking the squelch - something not normally audible. Purely a guess, but I'll bet it was the GB3TR repeater, to the South West of me, in Torbay.

An interesting site - I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on it. Thanks to William for some fascinating data and to Matty, MD0MAN for the tip-off.


Steve GW7AAV said...

Good link Tim! Hope you don't mind but I blogged and quoted you on Thanks to both you and Matty for drawing my attention to such a useful and easy to understand tool. Another weapon in the armoury!

Regards Steve GW7AAV

Tim said...

Hi Steve. Don't mind at all, of course - thank you.

It's a fascinating site! Wish I'd thought about it before.

Might be interesting to try and corrolate with VHF WSPR activity etc...



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