Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Remembering Robin Greenwood, G3LBA

Yesterday, through my friends in the Harwell Amateur Radio Society, I was very saddened to learn of the death of Robin Greenwood, G3LBA.

When Julie and I moved to Longworth around 8 years ago, we decided to attend one of the barn dances to get to know people. Julie went to pick up the tickets from a house in the village and came back saying, 'there's a chap who's got a lot of stuff like yours'! At the barn dance, I met this chap, who turned out to be Robin, G3LBA (Gee Three Light Brown Ale as he put it). That was our first enjoyable meeting.

Over the years we met at many village events and always had fun! Robin was an avuncular character, always interesting to talk to. He had an interesting professional background and had worked for the European Space Agency. Stories about the International Space Station were often heard in the Village Hall!

On the air, I think we had about two contacts in 8 years! Being around 500 yards apart we were quite loud with each other, on both HF and VHF. I suspect we were active at different times. Robin had done a lot of work with the local repeater groups and several local repeaters have bits of Robin's work in their configuration.

I last saw Robin about three weeks ago at the village fete. He'd been suffering from thyroid cancer and was very clearly not well. He had hopes of seeing his next grandchild born early next year, but very sadly that was not to be.

Robin joked that I would soon have the airwaves in the village to myself. Frankly, I like a bit of company. Farewell friend.

See the Harwell tribute to Robin here


VE3WDM said...

It's hard to understand why all this does happens.

Tim said...

Just as a postscript I should say that it was Robin's funeral today. The church was full to overflowing and it was lovely to see so many people including many radio amateurs there to pay their respects to Robin.

The tributes to Robin mentioned a lot about his amateur radio activity, which was interesting - particularly about some of his earlier amateur activity in the Dorking area.


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