Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Take your hand-held to work day: 1st October

The South African national radio society, SARL have come up with what I think is a really inspired idea! They are promoting 'Take your Handheld to Work Day' on 1st October. They are asking amateurs across South Africa to take their handhelds to work on the 1st October and demonstrate amateur radio to their friends and colleagues during tea and lunch breaks.

In support of that, I'm planning to make sure that I try and connect to some South African repeaters during the day using Echolink and see if I can make a contact or two. It would be great if others did the same in support of this superb idea.

And of course, handhelds don't just have to be VHF/UHF. Perhaps FT817s and some simple low power morse activity could feature to show the HF side of the hobby too.

You can read more about the SARL initiative here

Well done SARL. I wonder if some other societies will follow suit - I hope so!


Peter, M3PHP said...

What a fantastic idea time, maybe the RSGB can do something similar.

Not sure it would work for me due to the fact my handheld is always sat on my desk & I work from home :P

73 Pete, 2EØSQL

Julian said...

Well I guess it would be less disruptive for coworkers than "take your child to work" day. My handheld always is at work because my home office is also my shack.

Steve GW7AAV said...

Not sure it would work for me either. I did it once by accident and the interference from all the equipment in the oil refinery made even listening impossible, added to that I work from a blast proof building that is almost RF proof as well. Then there is the fact I could be sacked if they saw me with it. I think I will pass.

Steve GW7AAV

Tim said...

Ha ha, Steve! Sometimes it's not practical, but of course it is easier for some people! Not worth getting the sack for :-)

Just seems like such a great idea to try and introduce more people to our hobby - which is what we need, after all.

VE3WDM said...

That is a great idea and gets ham radio out there. Talking to co-workers about ham radio is one thing. Being able to show them how it work is another thing all together. Good luck with the day!!


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