Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FT8900R returned to service

I was pleased to get my Yaesu FT8900 back from its service visit yesterday. You might remember that I'd had my suspicion that the 50MHz receiver had gone very deaf over the summer. It was odd, because the receiver was still working, but it seemed well down on gain.

It was well worth sending it away, because the receiver is now much more sensitive and it was good to be able to listen through the GB3FX, Farnham 50MHz repeater on the way to the station this morning.

Looking forward to getting back on 50MHz FM again! GB3FX works well around home and GB3ZY in Bristol works well when I travel towards the west. I noticed today, looking at the repeater maps for 50MHz, that GB3VI in the Birmingham area might be useable. I shall have to listen!


Julian said...

Any idea what the problem was, Tim? There is an issue with the Kenwood dual banders that they go deaf after a few years due to the IF filters growing internal "whiskers" that eventually short out the signal. Something to do with lead free solder, probably.

Tim said...

That's interesting, Julian.

All it needed was a replacement transistor in the front end. I'm pretty sure it *may* have got a bit close to another 50MHz transmitter - but I can't be certain that I zapped it with RF..


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