Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An iPhone4, iBCNU and APRS

I picked up an iPhone4 when I got back from Madrid. I've been pleased with it. The much mentioned 'antenna issue' can be reproduced easily, but a case solves it easily and it doesn't cause me any issues in day to day operation.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll have seen me mention iBCNU an APRS client for the iPhone. I hadn't really tried it on the iPhone4 before today, other than swapping some quick messages at home.

The GPS in the iPhone4 seems to lock up on a position much quicker and I found that in conjunction with iBCNU it worked really well from the train in tracking my position and displaying the speed. Top speed on the way in this morning was 125MPH (200KPH), just to the east of Slough. You can see the track on http://aprs.fi - just search for G4VXE-6 - or I did a screengrab a bit earlier.


Julian said...

What's the battery life like with GPS and an APRS-IS connection active? That's the Achilles heel of APRS on my Windows mobile phone.

Anonymous said...

Nice article ! I like reading your articles on radio software for the iphone.

Would like to have the software updated for iOS 4 as the ability to run in the background , ios4 tested, (Retina display graphics) , ...

Did you have any contact with the author on this ?
It seems that a lot of people want this (by reading the comments on his site)


Tim said...

Hi both,

Battery life isn't great! Actually it's better on the iPhone4 than it was on the 3G. If I run iBCNU from the car, I tend to run the phone from a 12v supply so as not to dent the battery too much, but that seems to be less necessary on the iPhone4.

Chris: I haven't spoken to the author, but yes, it would be nice to have iBCNU run in the background! Fingers crossed.

73, Tim


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